Getting Your Little Boy into His First Suit

A boy’s first suit is going to be something he might likely never remember. The suit itself is going to be more memorable to family: for the first few minutes it is on, he will feel like a grown up and family will remark what a handsome gentleman he is. However, twenty minutes in, he is going to want to run in the mud and rumple it as much as possible. No little boys are the same size and temperament when it comes to formal wear. Here are a few questions to ask when buying boys suits:

  • What is the occasion? If it is Easter Sunday or church dinner, set aside the suits and consider vest sets, which may be cheaper and more comfortable. For a child that is taking part in a wedding, a full tuxedo is appropriate–no matter how much he kicks and screams.
  • Is he a baby or a little man? An infant is likely going to be more interested in drooling and giggling than what he is wearing, and full suits can be adorable. Toddlers and younger boys are going to likely want to send their parents into a level of psychosis by puddle-jumping, climbing pews, and doing everything they can to entertain themselves. Boys, as a rule, do not care how nice they are supposed to look or how much the clothing they are wearing cost their parents. Expect toddler boys suits to get stained.
  • In what climate will he be showing off his fancy attire? If there is going to be an egg hunt outdoors, a boys suit will be better of thinner fabric. He is going to take that jacket off just as soon as he goes chasing after his big sister and drop it into a mud puddle. It is up to his parental units to keep track of the jacket or decide if he should wear one at all. Indoors, full boys suits or tuxedo sets will be more comfortable with climate-controlled environments.

Fitting can seem like a heap of trouble for a little boy’s first suit, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. The child is likely not going to want to stand still for very long while being measured, but taking them at home can save the hassle. It can also make it possible to order outfits online, which can be rather economical and allow Mom to stay at home in her pajamas, rather than haul a miniature caveman to the clothing store.
It’s quite possible to survive the fiasco of strapping ornery little boys into stuffy, thick, itchy, restricted masses of polyester and wool. It’s essential, of course, to take the time to understand the best way to make the child comfortable and meet the occasion. No small child is ever happy to dress formally, because many activities are not well-performed in a suit, and he would likely love nothing more than to take off running through the mud as his mother runs after him, flapping her arms and screaming about how he is simply going to ruin his clothes. Nothing is impossible, however, armed with the facts, families can minimize the meltdowns and mess-ups that come with dressing up their little prince for cousin Betsy’s baptism.


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