Keep it Rustic: Rustic Ring Bearer Outfits


Rustic Ring Bearer Outfit. Source: Flickr

As a wedding is perhaps the most classic and traditional of ceremonies, it only stands to reason that each male who participates in this sacred, time-honored rite will be dressed in his most elegant finery; up to and including the spirited young ring bearer that plays such an important role in the ceremony. Indeed, he even might choose to wear a style of fashion that harkens back to yesteryear.

Rustic ring bearer outfits are, in a unique way, the wave of the future in terms of wedding wear—everything old is new again! And they stand as the ultimate symbol of sacred ceremonial tradition.

Rustic ring bearer outfits come in a variety of cloths and fabrics—all, however, tend to come complete with an unmistakable ‘old world’ look.

Whether made of sleek silk or more traditional cotton, muslin or tweed, rustic ring bearer outfits tend to come in classic shades such as grey, ivory, brown and ebony. They generally come complete with three pieces (a jacket, vest and trousers) as well as a variety of masculine accessories.

A gold, diamond or silver cravat or lapel pin, for instance, would not only make a stellar compliment to any rustic ring bearer suit. It would make an excellent gift for the ring bearer from the bride and groom. A pocket watch with a sharp chain would make another nice accessory, as would a ring for the ring bearer!

Of course, the shirt is perhaps the most valuable accessory for the rustic ring bearer outfit. A crisp ivory white shirt always works, as it coordinates with everything, and shirts in hues of gold, black, brown and cream also might work.

Then ‘tie up’ the entire ensemble with the help of a tie or cravat, and ‘top it off’ with a hat; which, depending on the fashion and décor scheme of the wedding, could take the form of a top hat, a fedora or a wide-brimmed chapeau.

The young gent will feel like a classic gentleman in a rustic ring bearer outfit!


Christmas for Kids

 Christmas presents under the tree

Although known universally as one of the most sacred and meaningful holidays on the social calendar, Christmas also is known as the ultimate holiday for kids; the time when their young minds—and hearts—brim with the enchantments of Yuletide wonder.


Make this Christmas a memorable one for the youngest members of your family; not only by showering them with their choice of gifts and toys, but by morphing your home into a winter wonderland that will endlessly enchant them.


  • Turn your front lawn into a winter wonderland. Build festive snow people with your children, allowing them to view their handiwork for the duration of the holiday season. Also fill the yard with sculptures and inflatables that depict everything from elves to candy canes, additional snowmen to angels dressed in full ethereal regalia. A full and glorious Nativity scene is always nice for traditional families, while all families might enjoy posting a scene that depicts Santa at the sleigh—a team of beaming reindeer leading the way.
  • Deck the halls of your home—most literally. From the moment they walk through the front door of your house throughout the holiday season, all guests should marvel at the vision of scarlet red ribbons, a blazing fireplace, and strands of crisp emerald holly. Your own children will be equally impressed at the sight of faux snow scattered on the ground, elf and nutcracker dolls and figurines standing guard over their presents, and the placement of whimsical ‘Captivity’ scenes on a buffet or end table. And, of course, Christmas lights every hue of the rainbow should be hung throughout the home.
  • Decorate a kid-friendly Christmas tree. Children will delight at the sight of gingerbread ornaments, whimsical toy soldiers, and miniature versions of Yuletide idols like Santa Claus. Further amaze them with portrait ornaments that bear their own photos, as well as with ornaments that depict modern childhood heroes that range from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to the whimsical, decidedly animated stars of Shrek and Toy Story.

Turn Your Christmas Tree into a Winter Wonderland

Christmas tree

Christmas Tree. Source: Flickr

The placement of a single Christmas tree in a home can do much to set the mood for the holiday season; causing all who behold the tree to think of Yuletide seasons past and present, and to marvel at the vision of a fully decorated vision of Christmas joy.

So when you put up your Christmas tree this year, be sure to adorn and decorate this tree in a manner that will bring forth its beauty, grandeur and beautiful sentimentality.

  1. Choose a healthy and eye-catching tree. You don’t want to choose a Yuletide tree that will die before the big day; this is decidedly not conducive to a joyous and gleeful holiday! You also don’t want to choose a tree that sheds its leaves or needles excessively, or whose color seems to fade long before its time.
  2. Choose a beautiful and vibrant tree topper. Whether it is a golden or crystalline star or a lovely ethereal angel, the ornamental piece that goes at the top of the tree is one of the first things that people notice when they see the decorated tree.
  3. Choose ornaments that shine in their ebullience. Ornament balls that glitter in glorious shades of silver, scarlet, emerald and gold, as well as silken pink and lavender spheres and shiny crystalline stars, are just a few of the magnificent accents that distinguish a glorious Christmas tree.
  4. Choose ornaments that glow in their personal value. Family members are sure to appreciate angels, gingerbread men, stars or balls that bear their names; as well as picture ornaments that bear family photos in their frames.
  5. Wrap it all up. Enshroud your tree with lines of golden garland or ribbons of scarlet and gold; wrapping the gift of the Christmas tree for everyone to behold.
  6. Just add lights. Whether you adorn the tree’s branches with electric candles or with strings of absolutely brilliant luminaries, be sure to make your Christmas tree shine throughout the holiday season.


FlickrWikipedia: Flickr (stylized as flickr and pronounced “flicker”) is an image hosting and video hosting website, and web services suite that was created by Ludicorp in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo in 2005.

Dressing the Flower Girl


Flower Girl Dresses. Source: Flickr

When you feature a flower girl in your wedding ceremony, you want her to reflect the spirit of innocence, radiance and peace of the event itself; while adding an element of drop dead cuteness that will make this precious little girl a hit with the gathered crowd.

In order to meet this goal, you face several choices and options in dressing the flower girl:

  • Choose a dress that mirrors the bride’s gown. Every flower girl will shine in a gown of ivory white lace, herself carrying a bouquet of ebullient florals that she’ll dispense down the length of the aisle. Her angelic couture could set the mood for the rest of the ceremony.
  • Choose a dress that reflects the color scheme of the wedding. Whether your color scheme shines in classic accents of pink and ivory, or resounds with more modern hints of scarlet or lavender—and whether your overall style reflects a Victorian, Renaissance, or contemporary style—your flower girl could stand as a walking representation of your décor.
  • Choose a dress with a floral design. This might seem like a proverbial no brainer to many wedding planners; indeed, when the crowd sees the little girl in the floral print dress, they will automatically guess her role in the wedding. In addition, her beautiful, elegant gown is sure to lend itself to the overall look and mood of the ceremony.
  • Choose a floral headpiece. Regardless of the color or design of the flower girl’s dress, it always pays to ‘say it with flowers’ when it comes to the headpiece. A floral headpiece is a flawless finishing touch for any flower girl wedding costume; just make sure that the hue of the florals coincides with the color and design of the dress—and, of course, of the bountiful petals that define and symbolize her role in the wedding.

Grooming the Ring Bearer

Boys Suits

So the big day is about to arrive; and in preparation for the occasion of your wedding, you have selected the perfect young man to fill the role of your ring bearer.

Ah, but the question is, is the child himself prepared for the role that plays such an integral role in the biggest occasion of your life?

No pressure there, right? You yourself are probably stressing the day of your wedding; so just imagine how a young child or teen must feel; especially if they have to hold or keep track of the ring—perhaps the most important symbol in the ceremony. Here are a few practical tips on how to groom the ring bearer:

  • Make sure that the young man understands the duties and responsibilities that come with the position of ring bearer. This isn’t the easiest role in the wedding, so be sure that the boy knows when to claim the ring, when to carry it, and when to hand it off to the best man. The ring bearer is, in some ways, the second best man in any given wedding—make sure he knows and understands this role.
  • At the same time, encourage the ring bearer to ‘ring in’ the festivities and have fun. A wedding is a loving and festive occasion, especially for the young people involved—encourage him to look forward to and celebrate the festivities.
  • Let the ring bearer know that he doesn’t have to be perfect; after all, no one else in the ceremony will be; everyone is bound to make a mistake or two. And all will be forgiven in the name of love and family.
  • Encourage the ring bearer to get the hang of it—or perhaps the ring of it. The more he understands and practices his duties, the more confident he’ll be on the big day.

Growing the Flower Girl

Flower Girl Dresses

Cute little girl in her flower girl dress

So you’ve selected the very lucky young lady who will serve as the flower girl in your much anticipated wedding ceremony. She is bound to be honored, excited…and, in all probability, scared out of her wits.

…well, perhaps that’s an understatement. The fact is, though, that this is a young child who faces the task of carrying off a substantial part of the wedding ceremony; and in the presence of dozens or perhaps hundreds of watching adults. She may be tense and bashful at this prospect, or even experiencing anxiety at what may seem—at least in a child’s eyes—to be a daunting role.

Here are a few ideas on how to grow the flower girl:

Reassure your flower girl that absolute perfection is not part of the job description. Tell her that you yourself might mess up during the ceremony; and that, in all likelihood, the gathered crowd will laugh along with you at any minor mess ups and proceed with the ceremony.

Remind your flower girl that the occasion of your wedding is a fun family event. Encourage her to enjoy herself and look forward to the big day.

Be sure to explain thoroughly to your flower girl the duties and responsibilities associated with her role in the wedding. Depending on her age and maturity level, you may have to repeat these instructions several times; just be sure that she understands exactly what will be expected of her throughout the course of the ceremony.

Practice, practice, practice. Everyone feels more comfortable about a job, task or duty if they are able to practice it ahead of time; and even before the wedding rehearsal, you might want to run the flower girl through the paces of her wedding day duties. Encourage her to behave, smile, have fun, and spread joy and happiness along with the flower petals!

Ring in the Ring Bearer

Boys Tuxedo Ring Bearer

Ring Bearer in a Boys Tuxedo

In the context of any marriage ceremony, the wedding ring takes a long journey before it makes it onto the bride’s finger; and this journey begins with the adorable little ring bearer that carries this timeless golden symbol to the altar.

Aside from being incredibly cute, the ring bearer holds a number of important responsibilities throughout the course of the ceremony. That is why the selection and preparation of a ceremonial ring bearer may not be as easy as it looks:

  • The ring bearer should probably be over the age of 3-4; this owing to the fact that the cargo he’s carrying is integral to the ceremony. No matter how drop dead cute he may be, you don’t want a ring bearer that might drop the ring or lose it altogether before he reaches the altar; and far more seriously, you don’t want to take a chance that the child might try to chew on or swallow the pretty little band in his possession. In addition, you want to choose a ring bearer that will be able to walk slowly and quietly down the aisle; smiling cheerfully as he does so.
  • Dress the ring bearer in much the same fashion as the groom and best man. An elegant tuxedo might be most suitable, as might a miniature three-piece suit; one that adheres to the color scheme of the wedding ceremony.
  • Do some practice runs. Before the wedding, be sure to sit down and explain to the ring bearer just what they are supposed to do with the ring on the day of the ceremony. Go over the entire process with them, explaining how long he is supposed to hold the ring and when and to whom they should relinquish it. Then at the wedding rehearsal, let him try these duties on for size; letting him get the hang—and the ring—of it.