Top 10 Must Haves for the Ultimate Beach Wedding

beach wedding

Beach Wedding Source: Flickr

The beach is perhaps the ultimate setting for a wedding ceremony; indeed, when a couple chooses to tie the knot in such a beautiful, nature made venue, they often find that they have little need for decorations. The gleaming golden sun, the swaying, emerald-hued palms, the bronzed sands, and the jewel blue sky will in themselves serve as radiant adornments; coming together to provide the perfect backdrop to any wedding.

Even so, you can give nature a gentle nudge with the help of a few must haves; those beautiful little accents that will lend beauty and character to any beachfront ceremony:

  • Flowers. When a couple chooses to tie the knot in a natural outdoor setting, they can further adorn the exotic venue with the help of some tropical floral arrangements. Whether these florals take the form of water lilies, orchids, sunflowers, birds of paradise, or more traditional buds like roses and carnations, they are sure to illuminate and enhance the natural beauty of this venue.
  • Tropical refreshments. At a beachfront wedding, guests are sure to be in the mood for a little tropical refreshment—preferably in the form of fresh fruits, tropical drinks (both alcoholic and otherwise), candies and cookies colored every color of the rainbow and baked in the shape of fish, starfish, exotic birds, etc. The couple also might opt for a custom made cake baked in the likeness of a beach, island or sea castle.
  • Lighting. Granted, any beachfront wedding is sure to be doused in radiant sunlight—the most beautiful and naturally generated light source of all. Yet if the day turns out to be less than sunny, or if the wedding takes place at night, then the couple may wish to post tiki torches in a line across the beach; alternately, they might adorn surrounding palm trees with lines of rainbow-hued lights.
  • Beachwear—Only Fancier! Even a couple getting hitched on the beach might not opt for bikinis or Bermuda shorts; they might, however, opt to wear lighter fabrics, like cotton and satin, and in vibrant colors like red, pink, and azure blue. Same goes for the ring bearer and the flower girl. Get them something in a more of a neutral color like grey or khaki. The flower girl can sport any little dress she likes, just make sure it fits the wedding theme!
  • Tropical Music. Guests at a beach wedding will be primed to party—and they’ll be eager to dance to tropical tunes and jazzy island music.
  • Tarps, Tents and Coverings. When planning an outdoor festivity of any kind, one always must allow for the possibility of wind, rain, and other forms of inclement weather. Be sure that you have some coverings on hand, to ensure that the ceremony can proceed as planned regardless of a change in weather.
  • Barbecue! It just wouldn’t be any sort of a beach party without barbecue—and whether you’re cooking up hot dogs or steaks, you are sure to impress your guests with some tasty barbecued eats.
  • Beach games. No beachfront wedding reception would be complete without a full round of beachfront games; activities that could range from swimming matches to beach volleyball, sand castle building contests to spirited sessions of Marco Polo.
  • Tropical party favors. Hula dolls, miniature beach balls and adorable hula dolls might not be in place at many weddings—yet they are guaranteed prerequisites at beachfront ceremonies.
  • Safety equipment. As beautiful and exotic as a beach can be, it can still be a bastion of heat and discomfort for children and older guests in particular. Keep plenty of sunblock, sunglasses and disposable hats on hand to serve their needs.



Planning a Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget


Beautiful Wedding Source: Flickr

When you finally find the person of your heart—the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with—then it may be time to make it official; to make the person your lawful and eternal mate. And what better way to acknowledge this major life landmark than through the royalty and regality of a beautiful, ebullient wedding ceremony?

Of course, beautiful and ebullient does not have to equal expensive; and truth be told, just about any couple can host and facilitate the wedding of their dreams—even if it’s on a budget.

  • Guest List: If you have an unlimited budget, then feel free to invite all of the family members and friends to your special event, ranging from cousins to co-workers and everyone in between. Those counting their pennies may wish to restrict their guest list to immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.) and closest cronies only.
  • Invitations: If money is no object, feel free to order engraved invites on the most elegant card stock, through a printing company or wedding supply store. If cash is the biggest object, you might buy general, prepackaged invites that still manage to shine in their beauty and warmth; or even create your own, either by hand or on the computer.
  • The Wedding Dress: Of course every bride would love to wear a custom made Vera Wang on the big day; or, at the very least, to custom design the dress of her dreams, ordering this prized frock from a local designer or bridal shop. Those that don’t have this option available might instead sew their own gown, one that is sure to be even more memorable and meaningful than any of its store bought predecessors; or shop at bridal store sales or even thrift stores for more affordable options.
  • The Ring: Couples with unlimited financial resources can feel free to design and order their own wedding and engagement rings from an upscale jeweler, either online or in their area; others may wish to surf the net for bargains, also visiting local stores for sales and bargains.
  • The Venue: Couples with cash can reserve elaborate social halls and event facilities for the big day; even going so far as to rent space at mansions, museums, public gardens and amusement parks for a particularly splashy, high profile event. Others may dream of getting hitched at the church they’ve attended since childhood, at a public park, at city hall, or even at home.
  • Decorations: For those with abundant resources, silk and lace will be the order of the day when it comes to wedding day decorations; expressed in the form of banners, pennants, wall and floor coverings, favors, doilies, etc. Also post an assortment of ribbons, floral bouquets, balloon columns, fountains, and perhaps even crystalline or ice-based sculptures. Yet anyone can plan a beautiful design scheme with the help of handmade wedding favors, paper lace, a few balloons here and there, and some decorative faux florals. Also shop for bargain décor at department store sales, card shops, and at dollar and thrift stores.
  • Music: It just wouldn’t be a wedding without music; and some couples have been known to hire live entertainers to serenade them and their guests with songs of tender and romantic love; whether it’s during the ceremony, the reception, or at both events. Others play recorded music at both times or may hire a d.j.; alternately, a family member that is particularly talented at crooning may agree to sing for free—just make sure that they are indeed particularly talented at crooning, well before the date of the ceremony! And regardless of their financial means, sometimes the groom will serenade the bride on the big day. Awww…
  • Grooming the Groom and Bedecking the Bride: Brides in particular sometimes like to get their hair and make-up professionally done on the big day, also opting for manicures and spa days. Yet even if your mom and sisters come over to make you over just before the ceremony, you are sure to look a vision on your big day.
  • The Reception: Well to do couples often pull out all the stops for their major occasion; renting an elegant, fully decorated reception hall and catering a full meal that guests can enjoy after the ceremony. They also might choose to serve wine and cheese at a clean, well lit social hall, or even enjoy a gourmet meal at home or at a restaurant.
  • The Cake: Regardless of what type of reception you plan, guests are sure to expect cake; and any number of gourmet, fully decorated confections can be custom ordered for the big event, through a caterer, bakery, or independent pastry chef. Yet a particularly lovely and very tasty cake also could be prepared at home, or ordered at a local grocery store.

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Happy Civil Rights Day.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! This man changed the world for the better.  He inspired all of us to become better human beings. Never forget what he’s done.

Game of thrones Wedding. This one has a happy ending!


Qarth is a city from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Which is based off the epic novels A song of Ice and Fire written by George RR Martin. The complexity of the characters makes it one of the best fantasy novels of our generation. I dare to say he’s the equivalent to the modern day J.R.R. Tolkien. I know I will have others who disagree, but what fun is an opinion if everyone agrees?

A cute couple named Monica and Zlatko decided to tie the knot in Qarth. Or should I say Lokrum Island, Croatia. A beautiful ancient city by the sea still standing in this modern era.  The city overfills with details that make you perceive like you traveled back in time. When Game of Thrones became a huge hit, Croatia was no longer a hidden gem. I would fully expect more weddings and events being held at Croatia. Perhaps a brave couple would even hold a ‘red’ or ‘purple’ wedding.


The exchange of vows in the presence of a priest.


The Kiss


A wedding well suited for a king and his queen.



Thanks to Svadbas Photography, Monica and Zlatko for providing the beautiful photos.

Svadbas beautiful photography:

Monica and Zlatko :

Rustic Weddings: Convince the bride to go rustic


Rustic Wedding. Source: Flickr

Let’s face it; when most women are asked to describe their ideal wedding, the word ‘rustic’ does not rank among the top adjectives she is bound to offer you. Indeed, the vast majority of females want one of the most important, monumental days of their lives to be beautiful, elegant and timelessly sentimental. They don’t want to ‘rough it’ on the day of their nuptials; quite the contrary, they yearn to feel at all times like the princess of the day.

It’s a good thing, then, that today’s rustic wedding is indeed the picture of classic beauty and whole hearted tradition; and if the bride happens to balk at the concept of this wedding theme, then hasten to remind her of the elegant elements that merge to create a rustic ceremony.

  • Flowers. As the vast majority of rustic weddings take place in nature borne settings—such as forests, barns, parks, and woodland clearings—then fresh flowers are bound to play a role in this ceremony. The couple could be surrounded by rose bushes, daisy beds, and fields filled with lilies and dandelions; and they are more than welcome to integrate these precious floral buds into arches, trellis displays, arrangements, and—of course—into the bride’s bouquet.
  • Nature made cloths. Fabrics such as silk, cotton, organdy and muslin are all culled from nature in various ways; and just about any bride would be pleased to wear a dress that featured one or more of these fabrics.
  • Scenic settings. OK, so some brides might balk at the concept of getting hitched in a barn—until she realizes that the barn in question is classically designed and well maintained; bearing some resemblance to a downtown social hall. And she definitely would not object to marrying beneath a gem blue sky and a golden sun, with her friends and family members smiling around her.

Dressing the Ring Bearer


Ring Bearer. Source: Flickr

Despite his young age, the ring bearer who appears at your wedding should be as elegant and stately as the ceremony itself. As the bearer and keeper of the golden wedding ring, this young man plays a pivotal and time-honored role in any wedding party.

In order to help the ring bearer meet these admittedly lofty goals, you can select from several viable—and very fashionable—options in dressing the ring bearer:

  • Choose a suit that resembles the groom’s. Guests are sure to delight at the adorable sight of a miniature version of the groom; one that, despite his young age, serves to reflect the ebullience and stateliness of the ceremony in which he plays such a vital, integral role.
  • Choose a suit that mirrors the color scheme of the wedding. Now this suggestion comes with a huge caveat emptor; after all, you probably don’t want a ring bearer who is running around in a powder pink or floral print tuxedo! Yet if your wedding colors consist of neutral shades such as ivory, gold, ebony, azure or emerald, then you may wish to dress the ring bearer in accordance with this color scheme.
  • Choose a suit in a classic hue of brown or ebony. These signature colors are sure to coincide with any décor or dress design scheme, even at the most modern or unconventional weddings. These color choices are safe—not to mention elegant!
  • Choose a tuxedo. When it comes to wedding wear for men, one simply can’t go wrong with a tux. Whether it shines in the classic hues of ebony, ivory or distinguished grey, this classic symbol of masculine couture should fit in well at any wedding—thus ensuring that the ring bearer ‘rings in’ the wedding ceremony in a manner both fashionable and sentimental. And it will make the little gentleman feel like he is truly and fully part of the proceedings.