Happy Fathers Day!

Happy fathers day! I wrote a little blog entry on mothers day awhile back, it would only be fair that I return the favor for my loving father! I wonder how many people out there have a father similar to Tywin Lannister? I wonder if they celebrate father’s day at all? Seems like everything they do will be a disappointment in their father’s eyes. Enough negativity let’s talk about fathers day!

I will be taking my father out to eat tonight at our local steak house. My parents divorced awhile back so I don’t see my father as much as I use to. I got my father a nice Philip Stein’s watch. Cost a small fortune, but the smile on his face will be worth every penny. I hope everyone out there have a great fathers day. Get something nice for your father if you have the budget, if not a small father’s card would be more than sufficient. Similar to our mom’s they will love anything you give them.


Dad if you are reading this happy father’s day!

Mother’s day is one day away!

Mother day to me is one of the most important days of the year! My mother like most people raised me. She is the most important person in my life, without her I wouldn’t be the person that I am to day! Other than her birthday this is probably the most important day to her. To show my appreciation, I will be sending her flowers, chocolates, and post cards!

Do something special for your mom this mother’s day. It doesn’t have to be bought from a store, a simple mothers day card printed from you PC would be enough to show how much you care.  Mom’s are so awesome they will love anything you give them.