Christmas for Kids

 Christmas presents under the tree

Although known universally as one of the most sacred and meaningful holidays on the social calendar, Christmas also is known as the ultimate holiday for kids; the time when their young minds—and hearts—brim with the enchantments of Yuletide wonder.


Make this Christmas a memorable one for the youngest members of your family; not only by showering them with their choice of gifts and toys, but by morphing your home into a winter wonderland that will endlessly enchant them.


  • Turn your front lawn into a winter wonderland. Build festive snow people with your children, allowing them to view their handiwork for the duration of the holiday season. Also fill the yard with sculptures and inflatables that depict everything from elves to candy canes, additional snowmen to angels dressed in full ethereal regalia. A full and glorious Nativity scene is always nice for traditional families, while all families might enjoy posting a scene that depicts Santa at the sleigh—a team of beaming reindeer leading the way.
  • Deck the halls of your home—most literally. From the moment they walk through the front door of your house throughout the holiday season, all guests should marvel at the vision of scarlet red ribbons, a blazing fireplace, and strands of crisp emerald holly. Your own children will be equally impressed at the sight of faux snow scattered on the ground, elf and nutcracker dolls and figurines standing guard over their presents, and the placement of whimsical ‘Captivity’ scenes on a buffet or end table. And, of course, Christmas lights every hue of the rainbow should be hung throughout the home.
  • Decorate a kid-friendly Christmas tree. Children will delight at the sight of gingerbread ornaments, whimsical toy soldiers, and miniature versions of Yuletide idols like Santa Claus. Further amaze them with portrait ornaments that bear their own photos, as well as with ornaments that depict modern childhood heroes that range from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to the whimsical, decidedly animated stars of Shrek and Toy Story.