White Tulle Flower Girl Dress with colored sash, bow and flower

Our Flower Girl Dresses are here just in time for Spring! The beautiful tulle sleeveless flower girl dress is made with white satin poly with crinoline netting to give it that extra fullness. There are lots of colors to choose from and the bow, flower and sash are all detachable. With these wide arrange of colors you can mix and match for your little princess to wear for any wedding or event.




Adorable White Tulle Flower Girl Dresses

White Flower Girl Dress with a removable sash, flower and bow.

White Flower Girl Dress with a Silver BowFlower Girl Dresses By Black N Bianco

Black N Bianco Flower Girl Dress with Royal Blue Sash and FlowerFlower Girl Dress

Lime Sash Flower GIrl DressWhite Flower Girl Dress with a Purple Bow

Baby Pink Bow Flower Girl DressFlower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dress Burgundy DressPeach Sash and Bow Flower Dress for KidsWhite and White Flower Girl DressTurquoise Flower Girl Dress


Finding the Right Flower Girl Dresses

There’s nothing more adorable than a flower girl at a wedding. In fact, flower girls play a pivotal part in countless weddings and receptions each year. Whether serving as ring bearers or simply accompanying brides, flowers girls are known for being immensely cute. Selecting the right flower girls dresses, however, is just as important as choosing your wedding dress or suit. For soon to be newlyweds, the process can be both arduous and tedious. According to wedding experts, however, there are several ways to find the right dresses or gowns for flower girls. All it takes is a little creativity to establish uniformity in design.

Themes and Styles

In order to pick the right flower girls dresses, you first have to establish the main theme or style of your wedding. For example: a modernistic wedding may feature sleek and contemporary attire. In these instances, traditional dresses and gowns simply would not suffice. Therefore, the flower girls must don dresses that effectively capture the allure and essence of your wedding. Whether they sport white, green, red, or even yellow dresses, it has to effectively match the overall décor and theme of your special day. Since most couples are incredibly busy planning their wedding and receptions, parents have to step in and take leadership roles if possible. This will alleviate some of the tension, and may be a great way to offer new ideas on captivating dresses for flower girls or ring bearers.

Affordability and Value

When shopping for flower girls dresses, there’s no need to pay outrageous costs. In fact, there are plenty of outlets that specialize in affordable attire for nuptials and weddings. From top name brands to stylish accessories, these items feature multiple designs and styles. This includes traditional wear, along with trendy and even urban outfits. As previously mentioned, it all depends on the theme of your big day. If you want to play it safe, simply go with that classic and formal look. Not only will your flower girls look great, they won’t have to worry about wearing dresses that may conflict with warm, humid, or hot weather. To get your true money’s worth, try shopping for dresses at stores that do not specialize in weddings or receptions. You will be amazed at some of great deals and dresses you can find at these venues.

Comfort is Key

Before purchasing flower girls dresses, you have to make sure they fit and are comfortable. While this may bore your nieces, cousins, or friend’s daughters, it’s the only way to ensure the perfect look. The last things you need are dresses that are too big or simply uncomfortable for your flower girls. No matter the style or design, comfort and flexibility are the keys to avoiding mishaps and crying flower girls. If shopping at a wedding boutique, you can rely on professional assistance from industry leading sales associates. There are also wedding planners, designers, and dress experts that can help you with all your questions and concerns. Finding the right flower girl or ring bearer dress does not necessarily have to be hard. With so many options and choices available, there are experts that can assist you from start to finish.


Dressing the Flower Girl


Flower Girl Dresses. Source: Flickr

When you feature a flower girl in your wedding ceremony, you want her to reflect the spirit of innocence, radiance and peace of the event itself; while adding an element of drop dead cuteness that will make this precious little girl a hit with the gathered crowd.

In order to meet this goal, you face several choices and options in dressing the flower girl:

  • Choose a dress that mirrors the bride’s gown. Every flower girl will shine in a gown of ivory white lace, herself carrying a bouquet of ebullient florals that she’ll dispense down the length of the aisle. Her angelic couture could set the mood for the rest of the ceremony.
  • Choose a dress that reflects the color scheme of the wedding. Whether your color scheme shines in classic accents of pink and ivory, or resounds with more modern hints of scarlet or lavender—and whether your overall style reflects a Victorian, Renaissance, or contemporary style—your flower girl could stand as a walking representation of your décor.
  • Choose a dress with a floral design. This might seem like a proverbial no brainer to many wedding planners; indeed, when the crowd sees the little girl in the floral print dress, they will automatically guess her role in the wedding. In addition, her beautiful, elegant gown is sure to lend itself to the overall look and mood of the ceremony.
  • Choose a floral headpiece. Regardless of the color or design of the flower girl’s dress, it always pays to ‘say it with flowers’ when it comes to the headpiece. A floral headpiece is a flawless finishing touch for any flower girl wedding costume; just make sure that the hue of the florals coincides with the color and design of the dress—and, of course, of the bountiful petals that define and symbolize her role in the wedding.

Growing the Flower Girl

Flower Girl Dresses

Cute little girl in her flower girl dress

So you’ve selected the very lucky young lady who will serve as the flower girl in your much anticipated wedding ceremony. She is bound to be honored, excited…and, in all probability, scared out of her wits.

…well, perhaps that’s an understatement. The fact is, though, that this is a young child who faces the task of carrying off a substantial part of the wedding ceremony; and in the presence of dozens or perhaps hundreds of watching adults. She may be tense and bashful at this prospect, or even experiencing anxiety at what may seem—at least in a child’s eyes—to be a daunting role.

Here are a few ideas on how to grow the flower girl:

Reassure your flower girl that absolute perfection is not part of the job description. Tell her that you yourself might mess up during the ceremony; and that, in all likelihood, the gathered crowd will laugh along with you at any minor mess ups and proceed with the ceremony.

Remind your flower girl that the occasion of your wedding is a fun family event. Encourage her to enjoy herself and look forward to the big day.

Be sure to explain thoroughly to your flower girl the duties and responsibilities associated with her role in the wedding. Depending on her age and maturity level, you may have to repeat these instructions several times; just be sure that she understands exactly what will be expected of her throughout the course of the ceremony.

Practice, practice, practice. Everyone feels more comfortable about a job, task or duty if they are able to practice it ahead of time; and even before the wedding rehearsal, you might want to run the flower girl through the paces of her wedding day duties. Encourage her to behave, smile, have fun, and spread joy and happiness along with the flower petals!

Our new flower girl dresses have arrived for the season!

Our long awaited ridiculously adorable flower girl dresses are here for the new seasons!

We have been on the search for the perfect dress to match your perfectly styled wedding party. Every dress were hand picked by us. We have a mixed collection like organza tea length dresses and laced sleeve dresses for you to choose from. All of the dresses we picked are proudly made in the USA!

The first dress I will showcase is our favorite dress. It’s a Ivory flower girl dress made with organza with an extra netting layer to give it that ruffled poofy look. It also comes with an sash and flower attached to the side. We absolutely adore this dress and we feel your little princess will as well!


The second dress we will showcase is a satin layered organza dress. It comes in two colors. White and Coral and White and Banana. The skirt is made with a crystal organza a very smooth material that your little girl would be comfortable in. This dress will flow through the air as she walks, like a little princess. It also comes with a sash and a flower.

The Third dress is a triple tier layered organza flower dress. Unlike the previous dress this dress comes with three layers. This three layers appear to be never ending overlapping light ruffles. Be very careful if you decide to give this dress to your flower girl, this one might overshadow the bride! Comes in two colors Ivory and White.


The last and final dress is our satin lace sleeve party dress.  Unlike the other dresses this one isn’t particular used for flower girls. It can be used for birthday parties, formal events and more! Comes in a pure white and vibrate purple.

Haley from Black N Bianco kids clothing line

Haley does a great job explaining why you should purchase a boys tuxedo rather than renting one.