It’s been five years since the Wedding Entrance Dance Video!

Who remembers this wedding dance entrance that went viral 5 years ago?! The office did a hilarious rendition on Jim and Pam’s wedding. The video was so cute and sweet. I think it’s time to dust off this video and enjoy it once again!


Boys Dark Navy Pinstripe Suit

Hey mommies, daddies and grandparents! Our boys dark navy pinstripe suit just arrived! This classic elegant three piece formal suit is perfect for any special event, especially for graduations and ring bearers.  It comes with a dark navy pinstripe blazer with three buttons, a matching vest, slacks, white dress shirt and a striped clip on tie. When your son or grandson puts on this handsome suit your little boy will resemble a little man! For more information on our boys navy suit please click here.


Boys Navy Suit Close up

Close up of boys navy suit with tie

Boys Navy Suit by Black n Bianco

Boys Dark Navy Pinstripe Suit Dresswear

Boys Navy Vest Suit

Boys Dark Navy Vest Suit

Boys Navy three Piece Suit Pinstripe

Black n Bianco Boys Navy Suit

Boys Formal White Dress Shirt with Blue Tie

Boys White Dress Shirt with Tie and Pants


Boys Light Gray Suit 2 Buttons Outfit

Hey Kids Fashion Enthusiasts! Our Boys Light Gray Suit Outfit is here! This boys light gray suit comes with everything you need to complete this adorable look. I know brides and grooms will want to use this boys suit as their ring bearer. It’s just too cute to have a mini replica of the groom walk down the aisle along with the flower girl! It’s perfect for rustic or light gray themed weddings. Don’t worry this suit is not going to break the bank! Smaller sizes are only $49.99 and the larger one $59.99! It’s quite a bargain compared to renting a high quality suit at your local tuxedo shop. For more boys suits click here.

Boys Light Gray Suit by BlacknBianco

Boys Light Gray Suit – Black n Bianco

Boys Suits in Gray By Black n Bianco

Boys Classic Fit Light Gray Suit

Boys Gray Suits Modern Fit

Side view the Boys Gray Suit

Boys Light Gray Vest Suit

Boys Light Gray Vest Suit

Boys Stylish dress with Tie and Pants

Boys Stylish Shirt with Gray Tie and Slacks

Boys Gray Suits closeup shot

Close up of the Boys Gray Suit

How to measure for a Boys Suit or Tuxedo.

A few simple tips to help you measure for your son’s suit or tuxedo.

Getting Your Little Boy into His First Suit

A boy’s first suit is going to be something he might likely never remember. The suit itself is going to be more memorable to family: for the first few minutes it is on, he will feel like a grown up and family will remark what a handsome gentleman he is. However, twenty minutes in, he is going to want to run in the mud and rumple it as much as possible. No little boys are the same size and temperament when it comes to formal wear. Here are a few questions to ask when buying boys suits:

  • What is the occasion? If it is Easter Sunday or church dinner, set aside the suits and consider vest sets, which may be cheaper and more comfortable. For a child that is taking part in a wedding, a full tuxedo is appropriate–no matter how much he kicks and screams.
  • Is he a baby or a little man? An infant is likely going to be more interested in drooling and giggling than what he is wearing, and full suits can be adorable. Toddlers and younger boys are going to likely want to send their parents into a level of psychosis by puddle-jumping, climbing pews, and doing everything they can to entertain themselves. Boys, as a rule, do not care how nice they are supposed to look or how much the clothing they are wearing cost their parents. Expect toddler boys suits to get stained.
  • In what climate will he be showing off his fancy attire? If there is going to be an egg hunt outdoors, a boys suit will be better of thinner fabric. He is going to take that jacket off just as soon as he goes chasing after his big sister and drop it into a mud puddle. It is up to his parental units to keep track of the jacket or decide if he should wear one at all. Indoors, full boys suits or tuxedo sets will be more comfortable with climate-controlled environments.

Fitting can seem like a heap of trouble for a little boy’s first suit, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. The child is likely not going to want to stand still for very long while being measured, but taking them at home can save the hassle. It can also make it possible to order outfits online, which can be rather economical and allow Mom to stay at home in her pajamas, rather than haul a miniature caveman to the clothing store.
It’s quite possible to survive the fiasco of strapping ornery little boys into stuffy, thick, itchy, restricted masses of polyester and wool. It’s essential, of course, to take the time to understand the best way to make the child comfortable and meet the occasion. No small child is ever happy to dress formally, because many activities are not well-performed in a suit, and he would likely love nothing more than to take off running through the mud as his mother runs after him, flapping her arms and screaming about how he is simply going to ruin his clothes. Nothing is impossible, however, armed with the facts, families can minimize the meltdowns and mess-ups that come with dressing up their little prince for cousin Betsy’s baptism.

Cute couple decides to sing their Vows!

Singers Michael and Carissa Alvarado decided to sing their vows!
In the video Micheal said he wouldn’t sing at his own wedding, but Carissa and him started writing a song. Soon after he realized they were writing their vows!
This is so sweet and charming.


Stylish Ring Bearer Outfits For Your Springtime Wedding

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Ring Bearer in his cute little outfit : Flickr

Planning a wedding can be hell for a bride, particularly when it comes to dressing the bridal party.  Choosing the right colors and styles can be difficult, unless its spring.  With all the colors and styles available, spring weddings are a brides dream; and as we all know weddings are all about the bride. Except, of course, when the adorable little ring bearer comes marching down the aisle.  He is the one person, in my opinion, who can and should outshine the bride – at least for a few minutes.  So it’s important that you dress him right, because as much as I hate to say it I have been at weddings where that cute little boy wasn’t dressed so cute.  There’s a fine line between precious and what-were-they-thinking ring bearer outfits. Hopefully these tips I came up with will help you.

One rule you should always remember is: gimmicky ring bearer outfits may look cute in a magazine, but they won’t look so cute 20 years from now in your wedding album.  For example, if you’re ceremony is around Easter doesn’t mean you should have him wear every color of the pastel rainbow.  Seriously I once saw a little boy wearing pastel blue, pink, yellow and turquoise.  You want him to steal the spotlight, not people’s eyesight.  Stick to neutral colors with maybe an accent color for the bow tie or cummerbund.  Keep it simple so he wears the outfit, not the other way around.

Another good tip is that although you might see unique (translation: odd) ring bearer outfits, a traditional boys tuxedo is usually the best choice.  I know, I know, tuxedos are so boring and traditional – but they’re not.  They’re traditional attire for a reason: a tuxedo ALWAYS looks good.  Face it, there is nothing cuter than little boys tuxedos, everybody oohs and aaahs when they see him.   So even though its spring and the weather is warm, save the knickers (shorts for those of you born after 1980) for Halloween and get him a tuxedo.  You can spice it up with a stylish vest or graphic tie.  There are also plenty of boys suits you can pick if boys tuxedos don’t work. Trust me, you’ll look back at your pictures without cringing.

Many spring weddings take place in a garden or yard, so if you want to dress him in something less traditional/more casual you have plenty of choices.  A stylish pair of Khakis, paired with a button down shirt and vest will have your ring bearer looking his absolute cutest.  Pair it with a vest to up the cuteness factor to insanely adorable.  You could also go with a pair of black jeans, button down shirt and suspenders and bow-tie for a nerdy/chic look that only a little boy could pull off (seriously no adult should ever wear suspenders).   You can’t go wrong with either of these looks.

The most important thing to remember is: your ring bearer is a child, not a circus performer.    Make sure he is both stylish AND comfortable.  If he’s fidgeting or tugging, maybe the material or cut of the outfit is wrong for him.  If he has a problem walking in dress shoes, let him wear black sneakers.  He’s a child, he’s still going to look cute it’s not going to ruin the wedding.   After all, weddings are all about the bride (until the ring bearer comes walking down the aisle).

To Infinity and Beyond! Superhero Themed Wedding

Cyclops and Jean Grey. Black Panther and Storm. Vision and Scarlet Witch. Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman and Robin.  When superheroes meet and fall in love, it is cause for celebration. For newly engaged couples seeking a way to incorporate their shared love of one particular superhero or superheroes in general, a superhero wedding theme is an idea easily adaptable for any type of nuptial celebration.

First, set a budget and determine the number of guests. Come to an agreement on how far to carry the superhero wedding theme.  Keep in mind it is not always a great idea to encourage guests to come in full costume. The possibility of future in-laws wearing tights and capes is worth a discussion – some things can never been unseen. One compromise is to keep it tame during the ceremony, letting the fantastic fun loose during the reception.

Superhero wedding invitations

Set things in motion with the invitations. Guests will be curious and excited about a superhero wedding theme. Create a personalized comic book with a brief story about the bride and groom along with all of the pertinent wedding details. A budget-friendly version of this is to have an artist draw a comic strip version of the bride and groom as superheros for the front of the invitation with more traditional details included inside the card.

Bride in batgirl wedding attire

Most women dream of wearing a beautiful wedding gown. However, there is no reason a traditional dress cannot be made a little bit “super.” A visit to any online store specializing in costume merchandise will reveal superhero garters, lingerie, socks and even shoes to fit the theme without detracting from the gown.  Brave brides might opt to sport a belt fashioned after Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth or her golden arm-cuffs.

Men might enjoy sporting action figure boutonnieres with appropriate flowers attached. They, too, can opt for subtle superhero garb. The groom can wear themed boxers and his favorite super hero t-shirt under his tuxedo. Don’t forget to check out superhero cuff links, rings and other jewelry.

The reception is the time to really make a statement. Have a back drop where guests can take photos – Gotham City? Plain white with thought bubbles painted at head height? Have props like capes and superhero gadgets available nearby. At the bar, create themed drinks with superhero ice cubes and straws with cartoon markers. Top it off with super hero theme coasters.

The wedding cake offers countless possibilities. Each layer of the cake can be decorated to represent a different super hero. A plain cake can be covered with fondant symbols and BAM! POW! blurbs. For a black-white-red Spiderman wedding, feature white cupcakes with delicate spider webs on top.

Superhero drinks

Don’t forget the guest favors. Superhero Pez dispensers are always a hit. For something more elaborate, assemble bags with Pez dispensers,  masks, silly string and small flashlights with a Bat Signal taped on the lens.

Skip the Macarena or the Chicken Dance – get guests dancing to the Batman TV theme song and a host of other theme songs covered by artists of every genre. Hong Kong Phooey by Sublime will bring everyone to the dance floor. Put the best man to work compiling a play list. If there will be a live band, ask if they will cover one or two favorites.

Have fun. Remember, memorable does not mean expensive. Gather inspiration from: friends, comics, movies, and the internet. While planning a superhero wedding theme, remember the words of the Scarlet Witch, “Everyone’s story begins once upon a time, and it’s up to us to cherish the time we’re given to ensure we live happily ever after.”

Thanks to vanessajoy, jaggerphotography and dpersonettphotography for providing the beautiful photos. Please check them out for more eye candy.

Finding the Right Flower Girl Dresses

There’s nothing more adorable than a flower girl at a wedding. In fact, flower girls play a pivotal part in countless weddings and receptions each year. Whether serving as ring bearers or simply accompanying brides, flowers girls are known for being immensely cute. Selecting the right flower girls dresses, however, is just as important as choosing your wedding dress or suit. For soon to be newlyweds, the process can be both arduous and tedious. According to wedding experts, however, there are several ways to find the right dresses or gowns for flower girls. All it takes is a little creativity to establish uniformity in design.

Themes and Styles

In order to pick the right flower girls dresses, you first have to establish the main theme or style of your wedding. For example: a modernistic wedding may feature sleek and contemporary attire. In these instances, traditional dresses and gowns simply would not suffice. Therefore, the flower girls must don dresses that effectively capture the allure and essence of your wedding. Whether they sport white, green, red, or even yellow dresses, it has to effectively match the overall décor and theme of your special day. Since most couples are incredibly busy planning their wedding and receptions, parents have to step in and take leadership roles if possible. This will alleviate some of the tension, and may be a great way to offer new ideas on captivating dresses for flower girls or ring bearers.

Affordability and Value

When shopping for flower girls dresses, there’s no need to pay outrageous costs. In fact, there are plenty of outlets that specialize in affordable attire for nuptials and weddings. From top name brands to stylish accessories, these items feature multiple designs and styles. This includes traditional wear, along with trendy and even urban outfits. As previously mentioned, it all depends on the theme of your big day. If you want to play it safe, simply go with that classic and formal look. Not only will your flower girls look great, they won’t have to worry about wearing dresses that may conflict with warm, humid, or hot weather. To get your true money’s worth, try shopping for dresses at stores that do not specialize in weddings or receptions. You will be amazed at some of great deals and dresses you can find at these venues.

Comfort is Key

Before purchasing flower girls dresses, you have to make sure they fit and are comfortable. While this may bore your nieces, cousins, or friend’s daughters, it’s the only way to ensure the perfect look. The last things you need are dresses that are too big or simply uncomfortable for your flower girls. No matter the style or design, comfort and flexibility are the keys to avoiding mishaps and crying flower girls. If shopping at a wedding boutique, you can rely on professional assistance from industry leading sales associates. There are also wedding planners, designers, and dress experts that can help you with all your questions and concerns. Finding the right flower girl or ring bearer dress does not necessarily have to be hard. With so many options and choices available, there are experts that can assist you from start to finish.


Flower Girl Dress Trends for 2014

The phrase “the more things change, the more they stay the same” definitely applies to the topic of Hot Flower Girl Dress Trends for 2014. For just as some of today’s flower girls are wearing new and exciting styles, others come bedecked in the beautiful, classic gowns that come steeped in tradition.

It may come as a surprise that, in some cases, modern flower girl apparel is not very flowery at all. Some of today’s youngest wedding attendants don’t even wear dresses, but opt instead for eye-catching pant suits in various colors and styles. These suits might include blazers, jackets, vests, and/or button up shirts that accompany leggings or comfortable slacks. These outfits are sharp and ultra-modern; also very comfy, which younger children are likely to appreciate. And they still can be highly feminine, especially if they come in beautiful shades of ivory, pink, gold or lavender; or if they come complete with jeweled accessories, fresh floral headpieces, and—of course—an assortment of lovely petals that the girl will scatter at various points down the aisle.

In other, more traditional ceremonies, the flower girl of 2014 might resemble a miniature version of the bride. She might wear a tiered pearl white dress of lace, silk or taffeta, along with a sash in red or pink. She might wear her own veil or a floral headpiece, along with jewelry and the prerequisite floral bouquet.

If, on the other hand, the bride chooses to reign as the ivory goddess of the day, she might choose to adorn her flower girl in taffeta and pastels; allowing her to glow in her own special way as she reflects the colors of the rainbow. Her flowers just might serve to reflect these classic, ethereal hues, as might the crown of florals that adorns her tiny head.