Rustic Weddings: Convince the bride to go rustic


Rustic Wedding. Source: Flickr

Let’s face it; when most women are asked to describe their ideal wedding, the word ‘rustic’ does not rank among the top adjectives she is bound to offer you. Indeed, the vast majority of females want one of the most important, monumental days of their lives to be beautiful, elegant and timelessly sentimental. They don’t want to ‘rough it’ on the day of their nuptials; quite the contrary, they yearn to feel at all times like the princess of the day.

It’s a good thing, then, that today’s rustic wedding is indeed the picture of classic beauty and whole hearted tradition; and if the bride happens to balk at the concept of this wedding theme, then hasten to remind her of the elegant elements that merge to create a rustic ceremony.

  • Flowers. As the vast majority of rustic weddings take place in nature borne settings—such as forests, barns, parks, and woodland clearings—then fresh flowers are bound to play a role in this ceremony. The couple could be surrounded by rose bushes, daisy beds, and fields filled with lilies and dandelions; and they are more than welcome to integrate these precious floral buds into arches, trellis displays, arrangements, and—of course—into the bride’s bouquet.
  • Nature made cloths. Fabrics such as silk, cotton, organdy and muslin are all culled from nature in various ways; and just about any bride would be pleased to wear a dress that featured one or more of these fabrics.
  • Scenic settings. OK, so some brides might balk at the concept of getting hitched in a barn—until she realizes that the barn in question is classically designed and well maintained; bearing some resemblance to a downtown social hall. And she definitely would not object to marrying beneath a gem blue sky and a golden sun, with her friends and family members smiling around her.

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