Dressing the Ring Bearer


Ring Bearer. Source: Flickr

Despite his young age, the ring bearer who appears at your wedding should be as elegant and stately as the ceremony itself. As the bearer and keeper of the golden wedding ring, this young man plays a pivotal and time-honored role in any wedding party.

In order to help the ring bearer meet these admittedly lofty goals, you can select from several viable—and very fashionable—options in dressing the ring bearer:

  • Choose a suit that resembles the groom’s. Guests are sure to delight at the adorable sight of a miniature version of the groom; one that, despite his young age, serves to reflect the ebullience and stateliness of the ceremony in which he plays such a vital, integral role.
  • Choose a suit that mirrors the color scheme of the wedding. Now this suggestion comes with a huge caveat emptor; after all, you probably don’t want a ring bearer who is running around in a powder pink or floral print tuxedo! Yet if your wedding colors consist of neutral shades such as ivory, gold, ebony, azure or emerald, then you may wish to dress the ring bearer in accordance with this color scheme.
  • Choose a suit in a classic hue of brown or ebony. These signature colors are sure to coincide with any décor or dress design scheme, even at the most modern or unconventional weddings. These color choices are safe—not to mention elegant!
  • Choose a tuxedo. When it comes to wedding wear for men, one simply can’t go wrong with a tux. Whether it shines in the classic hues of ebony, ivory or distinguished grey, this classic symbol of masculine couture should fit in well at any wedding—thus ensuring that the ring bearer ‘rings in’ the wedding ceremony in a manner both fashionable and sentimental. And it will make the little gentleman feel like he is truly and fully part of the proceedings.


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