Happy Fathers Day!

Happy fathers day! I wrote a little blog entry on mothers day awhile back, it would only be fair that I return the favor for my loving father! I wonder how many people out there have a father similar to Tywin Lannister? I wonder if they celebrate father’s day at all? Seems like everything they do will be a disappointment in their father’s eyes. Enough negativity let’s talk about fathers day!

I will be taking my father out to eat tonight at our local steak house. My parents divorced awhile back so I don’t see my father as much as I use to. I got my father a nice Philip Stein’s watch. Cost a small fortune, but the smile on his face will be worth every penny. I hope everyone out there have a great fathers day. Get something nice for your father if you have the budget, if not a small father’s card would be more than sufficient. Similar to our mom’s they will love anything you give them.


Dad if you are reading this happy father’s day!


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