White Tulle Flower Girl Dress with colored sash, bow and flower

Our Flower Girl Dresses are here just in time for Spring! The beautiful tulle sleeveless flower girl dress is made with white satin poly with crinoline netting to give it that extra fullness. There are lots of colors to choose from and the bow, flower and sash are all detachable. With these wide arrange of colors you can mix and match for your little princess to wear for any wedding or event.




Adorable White Tulle Flower Girl Dresses

White Flower Girl Dress with a removable sash, flower and bow.

White Flower Girl Dress with a Silver BowFlower Girl Dresses By Black N Bianco

Black N Bianco Flower Girl Dress with Royal Blue Sash and FlowerFlower Girl Dress

Lime Sash Flower GIrl DressWhite Flower Girl Dress with a Purple Bow

Baby Pink Bow Flower Girl DressFlower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dress Burgundy DressPeach Sash and Bow Flower Dress for KidsWhite and White Flower Girl DressTurquoise Flower Girl Dress

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Graducate to Bride and Groom!

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl to Bride and Groom

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

20 years later the ring bearer and flower girl gets married.

20 years later the ring bearer and flower girl gets married.


Twenty years ago these two adorable little kids walk down the aisle as the flower girl and ring bearer. Now they doing the walk down the aisle again but this time they graduated to the bride and groom!

Very cute little!

The best thing in life <3


I love this quote. <3

Halloween is coming! Get your little monster a slenderman costume!

Slenderman Costume for Kids by Black N Bianco

Halloween Slenderman Costume for Kids.

It’s almost time for that special day that only comes once a year! I know when I was a kid I loved dressing up as ninjas, crazy monsters and anything that I found to be interesting. For this new generation slenderman the infamous meme is quite a popular choice. When you purchase a kids slenderman costume from us it includes everything you need to resemble slenderman minus the mask. Our boys suit in black is the perfect outfit for every slenderman enthusiast! Not only will our suit work great for a slenderman costume, but it can be worn to special events or weddings. It’s not a cheap costume that can only be worn on Halloween. Get your little monster something fitting for this Halloween! Muahahahahah!

Kids Slenderman Costume: http://www.blacknbianco.com/boys-teens-black-dress-wear-suit-set-with-tie/

Planning a Summer Wedding!

Summer Wedding

Photo by Peter Krasznai and publicly shared via Flickr under a Creative Commons license.


Summer is the perfect time for weddings and nuptial ceremonies. In fact, more couples get married in August than any other month. While the warm climate is ideal, a summer wedding needs to have much more than nice weather. This includes elegant and lavish floral arrangements, along with delicious catering. The reception should also entail entertainment that captivates and engages relatives and guests. While finding the right cake is also essential, nothing seems more important than securing the wedding dress and ring. In fact, wedding planners and experts continue to place these necessities on the top of ceremonial totem pole.

Wedding Dresses and Attire

Whether for contemporary or traditional weddings, there are countless dresses available. These gowns also come in a vast selection of designs and styles. As always, these beautiful dresses are even designed to fit a range of body contours and types. According to wedding professionals, there are three things to keep in mind when purchasing a dress. They are cost, comfort, and uniformity in design. With the latter, bridesmaids can wear attire that effectively captures the allure and essence of the wedding. The same can also be said for members of the groom’s party. While the newlyweds to be should stand out from the rest, it is important to establish consistency in design. The dress, tuxedo, and gowns should also fit your budget, while looking and feeling right.

Ring Bearers and Flower Girls

Nothing is cuter at a summer wedding than flower girls. Like their adult counterparts, flower girls have to wear dresses that are consistent with the theme of the wedding. These can be traditional white dresses, or attire that is more contemporary and modern. Whether you and the groom are going for an upbeat or relaxed ceremony, everything needs to be as perfect as possible for your special day. When selecting attire for flower girls or ring bearers, there are many options and choices available. With years of extensive industry experience, wedding planners can help you find the best dresses and suits for your party. They can also help you plan the perfect reception, along with selecting mouth watering dishes and cuisine as well. If pressed for time, however, the Internet is a great place to search for the latest in wedding fashions and accessories.

Wedding Themes

Summer is the perfect season to spend quality time with loved ones and friends. Suffice to say, the summer sun brings warmth and happiness to countless people across the globe. If planning your special day this summer, why not let Mother Nature be your theme? In this day and age, simplicity is the key to true happiness and joy. This is because the world is moving at such a rapid pace; especially in technology. In recent years, countless couples have utilized the “green” theme at their weddings. This includes simple floral arrangements and bouquets, along with ceremonies at beaches or even private summer resorts. With nature themed weddings, the basic essentials are all that you and your hubby need. You don’t need to have high-end or highly intricate ceremonies to celebrate your bond. Simply check the web for summer wedding themes, or speak to a planner about arranging a light ceremony that will be cherished for years to come.

Contemporary Dresses and Ideas

For couples that want a modern feel and look to their wedding, there are countless options available. This includes dresses and gowns that are urban in nature, along with themes that effectively capture modernity at its finest. In recent years, several couples have implemented futuristic themes for their special day. This includes space like designs, as well as high tech video screens and entertainment for their receptions. Many have also included their wedding guests as part of the first dance that is usually allocated to the couple. In fact, the flash mob idea continues to soar in global popularity. This is when the couple dances to modern tunes, while having their guest and relatives join the fray.

The Choice is Yours

Whether you want classic or stylish dresses, the choice is ultimately up to you and your significant other. If you are unsure about how to approach your wedding, simply speak to friends, loved ones, or even co-workers. They can help you with a number of ideas and options to select from. Remember, your summer wedding is the start of a new life and adventure. This means it needs to be simply flawless, while allowing you and your husband to celebrate the union in a matter that best represents your ideas. Again, a wedding planner can put your ideas into fruition. He or she can also turn your wedding dreams into realities. For more information on wedding ideas, tips, and suggestions, check the Internet or visit your local wedding parlor today.

It’s been five years since the Wedding Entrance Dance Video!

Who remembers this wedding dance entrance that went viral 5 years ago?! The office did a hilarious rendition on Jim and Pam’s wedding. The video was so cute and sweet. I think it’s time to dust off this video and enjoy it once again!

Boys Dark Navy Pinstripe Suit

Hey mommies, daddies and grandparents! Our boys dark navy pinstripe suit just arrived! This classic elegant three piece formal suit is perfect for any special event, especially for graduations and ring bearers.  It comes with a dark navy pinstripe blazer with three buttons, a matching vest, slacks, white dress shirt and a striped clip on tie. When your son or grandson puts on this handsome suit your little boy will resemble a little man! For more information on our boys navy suit please click here.


Boys Navy Suit Close up

Close up of boys navy suit with tie

Boys Navy Suit by Black n Bianco

Boys Dark Navy Pinstripe Suit Dresswear

Boys Navy Vest Suit

Boys Dark Navy Vest Suit

Boys Navy three Piece Suit Pinstripe

Black n Bianco Boys Navy Suit

Boys Formal White Dress Shirt with Blue Tie

Boys White Dress Shirt with Tie and Pants


Boys Light Gray Suit 2 Buttons Outfit

Hey Kids Fashion Enthusiasts! Our Boys Light Gray Suit Outfit is here! This boys light gray suit comes with everything you need to complete this adorable look. I know brides and grooms will want to use this boys suit as their ring bearer. It’s just too cute to have a mini replica of the groom walk down the aisle along with the flower girl! It’s perfect for rustic or light gray themed weddings. Don’t worry this suit is not going to break the bank! Smaller sizes are only $49.99 and the larger one $59.99! It’s quite a bargain compared to renting a high quality suit at your local tuxedo shop. For more boys suits click here.



Boys Light Gray Suit by BlacknBianco

Boys Light Gray Suit – Black n Bianco

Boys Suits in Gray By Black n Bianco

Boys Classic Fit Light Gray Suit

Boys Gray Suits Modern Fit

Side view the Boys Gray Suit

Boys Light Gray Vest Suit

Boys Light Gray Vest Suit

Boys Stylish dress with Tie and Pants

Boys Stylish Shirt with Gray Tie and Slacks

Boys Gray Suits closeup shot

Close up of the Boys Gray Suit

How to measure for a Boys Suit or Tuxedo.

A few simple tips to help you measure for your son’s suit or tuxedo.

Getting Your Little Boy into His First Suit

A boy’s first suit is going to be something he might likely never remember. The suit itself is going to be more memorable to family: for the first few minutes it is on, he will feel like a grown up and family will remark what a handsome gentleman he is. However, twenty minutes in, he is going to want to run in the mud and rumple it as much as possible. No little boys are the same size and temperament when it comes to formal wear. Here are a few questions to ask when buying boys suits:

  • What is the occasion? If it is Easter Sunday or church dinner, set aside the suits and consider vest sets, which may be cheaper and more comfortable. For a child that is taking part in a wedding, a full tuxedo is appropriate–no matter how much he kicks and screams.
  • Is he a baby or a little man? An infant is likely going to be more interested in drooling and giggling than what he is wearing, and full suits can be adorable. Toddlers and younger boys are going to likely want to send their parents into a level of psychosis by puddle-jumping, climbing pews, and doing everything they can to entertain themselves. Boys, as a rule, do not care how nice they are supposed to look or how much the clothing they are wearing cost their parents. Expect toddler boys suits to get stained.
  • In what climate will he be showing off his fancy attire? If there is going to be an egg hunt outdoors, a boys suit will be better of thinner fabric. He is going to take that jacket off just as soon as he goes chasing after his big sister and drop it into a mud puddle. It is up to his parental units to keep track of the jacket or decide if he should wear one at all. Indoors, full boys suits or tuxedo sets will be more comfortable with climate-controlled environments.

Fitting can seem like a heap of trouble for a little boy’s first suit, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. The child is likely not going to want to stand still for very long while being measured, but taking them at home can save the hassle. It can also make it possible to order outfits online, which can be rather economical and allow Mom to stay at home in her pajamas, rather than haul a miniature caveman to the clothing store.
It’s quite possible to survive the fiasco of strapping ornery little boys into stuffy, thick, itchy, restricted masses of polyester and wool. It’s essential, of course, to take the time to understand the best way to make the child comfortable and meet the occasion. No small child is ever happy to dress formally, because many activities are not well-performed in a suit, and he would likely love nothing more than to take off running through the mud as his mother runs after him, flapping her arms and screaming about how he is simply going to ruin his clothes. Nothing is impossible, however, armed with the facts, families can minimize the meltdowns and mess-ups that come with dressing up their little prince for cousin Betsy’s baptism.


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